Copenhagen Life Science Summit - a day full of inspiring talks from prominent industry leaders and networking opportunities with life science companies and peers.




Copenhagen Life Science Summit ’19

Are you an individual interested in Life Science and want to explore and expand your knowledge of opportunities in academia and the industry?

Synapse – Life Science Connect will be hosting the annual Copenhagen Life Science Summit ’19 on Thursday May 9th - a full-day conference that aims to bring together students, recent graduates and professionals to listen to talks and participate in discussions relevant to life science. We are proud to announce that this year’s summit will take place at the prominent and historical Exchange Hall (Børssalen) in the centre of Copenhagen.

The summit will have 3 sessions, each with their own focus.

To kick-start the summit, Brian Mikkelsen, CEO of The Danish Chamber of Commerce (Dansk Erhverv), and former Minister for Industry, Business and Financial Affairs, will give an introductory talk on the current life science agenda in Denmark.

Session 1 will be about life science in a sustainability context, where speakers from both industry and universities will give their take on how sustainability will shape the future of the life science industry.

Session 2 will feature speakers representing industry, university and the start-up scene to elaborate on creating an innovative and collaborative environment for students.

Session 3 will glance into the future of life science as some of the most prominent start-ups in Medicon Valley will share their journey and cutting-edge science.

To wrap up the summit, everyone is invited to stay afterwards for refreshments and networking.

Copenhagen Life Science Summit 2019 is a unique opportunity for you to network and socialize with each other and get in touch with some of our partner companies who will be present at the summit with stands.



08.30 - 09.15 Registration and light breakfast

09.15 - 09.30 Welcome and opening speech

09.30 - 09.50 Importance of Life Science, sustainability and innovation by Brian Mikkelsen, CEO of Danish Chamber of Commerce

09.50 - 12.00 Session 1 - Life Science in a Sustainability Context

12.00 - 13.00 Lunch and Networking

13.00 - 15.10 Session 2 - Creating an Innovative and Collaborative Environment for Students

15.10 - 15.40 Session 3 - Future hopes: Start-ups

15.40 - 17.10 Wrap-up and Networking


// WHERE //

The event will be held in The Exchange Hall (Børssalen) of The Old Stock Exchange (Børsen) which is located in Central Copenhagen.

Slotsholmsgade 1, 1216 Copenhagen




Price: 50 DKK

The ticket includes a light breakfast, coffee and tea, lunch and snacks!

NB: The fee of 50 DKK is non-refundable.


We are looking forward to seeing you the 9th of May!

Any questions regarding the summit can be adressed to

Synapse's Copenhagen Life Science Summit (CLSS) is a conference for all life science students, Ph.D.’s and young professionals. The overall concept is simple - the conference provides a great array of high-quality talks and viewpoints from important members of the Danish life science industry and a great opportunity for networking with like-minded peers.

Why should you participate in this event? 

This event will broaden your horizon and enlighten you on a series of themes of speaks from the very best within their field. While you can engage with them after their speak, it is also the perfect opportunity to extend your network by meeting students with a different life science background than yours. Life science companies will also be present and are eager to meet and answer relevant questions from each and every one.

Where and when is next year’s Copenhagen Life Science Summit?

The event usually takes place on a Friday in May in UCPH’s Ceremonial Hall, inner Copenhagen. We plan the event having the exam periods in mind.



It was a great pleasure to present at the Copenhagen Life Science Summit 2017. The interaction between the students and the life science industry plays a key role in securing future talent fo Danish life science.

Kåre Schultz - CEO of Teva Pharmaceuticals

On May 18th 2018, Synapse held the third consecutive Copenhagen Life Science Summit. The main focus of this year's summit was "interdiscplinarity" and each speaker gave their own take on how to innovate and collaborate within the life science industry. The speakers attending were:

  • Søren Bregenholt (Chairman of the Board, Medicon Valley Alliance)
  • Jan van de Winkel (CEO, Genmab)
  • Janine Erler (Professor at Biotech Research and Innovation Centre, UCPH)
  • Richard Wright (General Manager, Roche)
  • Mads Emil Matthiesen (CEO, CathVision)

As an addition to this year's summit a fireside chat with the topic: "Benefits of interdiscplinarity within the life sciences" was held. The panel included:

  • Morten Sommer (Professor, DTU)
  • Niklas Magnell (Associate Director, AstraZeneca BioVentureHub)
  • Anna Haldrup (Head of Department of Food Sciences, UCPH)
  • Anna Gran (New Ventures Lead in the Nordics, Johnson&Johnson Innovation)

During the day the participants also had the opportunity to meet and network with our partners that were present at the summit with a stand: Accelerace, The Boston Consulting Group, Bristol-Myers Squibb, HØIBERG and Roche

We thank all the speakers, partners and participants that made this summit possible!

On May 5th, 2017, Synapse held the successful Copenhagen Life Science Summit 2017 (CLSS ‘17), which was a one-day conference for 250 participants in the center of Copenhagen. The speakers attending were:

  • Robin Evers (SVP of Global Safety, Regulatory & Medical Affairs, Novo Nordisk)
  • Kelli Hayes (Director for Corporate Strategy, Chr. Hansen)
  • Marianne Thellersen (Director for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, DTU)
  • Petter Björquist (CEO, NovaHep)
  • Kåre Schultz (CEO, Lundbeck)
  • Morten Sommer (Professor, DTU and Co-founder of Biosyntia)
  • Car0line Hart Sehested (Head of Early Talent & Outreach, Novo Nordisk)
  • Rasmus Larsen (Provost, DTU)

Each speaker contributed with  their take on the current industry state and subjects such as innovation, stem cell research, bacterial synthetic biology, and the resulting opportunities and challenges.  Moreover, Boston Consulting Group, COBIS, and HØIBERG,  were all present and eager to meet and network with the participants in a designated stand area.



On May 20, 2016, Synapse held the successful Copenhagen Life Science Summit 2016 (CLSS ‘16), which was a one-day conference for 250 participants in the center of Copenhagen. The speakers attending were:

  • Kim Andersen (Senior VP, Lundbeck)
  • Søren Brostrøm (Director General, Danish Health Authority)
  • Kirsten Drejer (Executive Director, Symphogen)
  • Pernille Gojkovic (CEO, Høiberg)
  • Tommi Kainu (Partner & Managing Director, Boston Consulting Group)
  • Thomas Kirkegaard (CSO, Orphazyme)
  • Andreas Laustsen (Denmark’s Coolest Engineer)
  • John Zibert (CMO, LEO Innovation Lab)
  • Henriette Søltoft (Director, Confederation of Danish Industry)

Each speaker contributed to the theme “The Future of Life Science” with their captivating stories about the current state of the life science industry and what the future is likely to hold for the next generation of students and young professionals. Moreover, Boston Consulting Group, Biobusiness and Innovation Platform CBS, COBIS, HØIBERG, and TFS were all present and eager to meet and network with the participants in a designated stand area.

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Sponsers of Earlier Events

We would like to thank our sponsors Novo Nordisk Fonden, Industriens Fond, and Dansk Industri for making the Copenhagen Life Science Summit 2016 possible.