Joining Synapse has been one of the greatest decisions I have taken during my studies. The best thing about being a member of Synapse is the crazy, fun, intelligent and caring people your work with – which becomes an amazing group of friends and network afterwards. Project management, communication and presentation skills are also just a few of the things you hone as a Synapsee. Would I do it all over again? No doubt!
Sven Hollmann, M.Sc.Eng.Stud
The energy and enthusiasm of the team every time we came together was contagious, and I’m still very proud of all the events and concepts we developed together during my time. More than in any other course or job I learned to work together extremely efficiently, how to communicate with different stakeholders from companies and academia, and there is a lot of freedom to get creative and initiate new projects. All of that together with a group of fun, like-minded students that soon became true friends.
Alicia Berkvens, PhD Student

Do you want to be our new team member?

In Synapse we are always looking for new talent, so if you are bold, positive team-mate student within the life sciences who has ideas for new initiatives to improve the transition from student to young professional, you can always reach out to us.

As a team member, you will plan and execute a broad range of activities, from monthly speaker events to annual professional experiences, such as our Bio-business Summer School, our one-day Life Science Summit conference, and our Mentorship program.

We are also open to hear your ideas. There are many possibilities. The only requisite is that you are a life science student enrolled at any university in Copenhagen, Lund or Aalborg and want to make an impact in the life science community.

If you have any inquires, contact us at, or (Anne Grangaard).



Do you want to be our new Synapse Ambassador?

During the last years, Synapse has experienced a huge interest from students all over Denmark and abroad. An interest that we would like to meet with our initiative: The Synapse Ambassadors.

Synapse Ambassadors seeks to help students in their the transition from student to professional by promoting Synapse and Synapse activities. As a Synapse Ambassador you will be the voice of Synapse at your university. You will represent Synapse at career fairs, industry events and give introductory lectures to fellow and new students. Maybe you can even create an entire new Synapse hub at your university. There are many possibilities.

We seek passionate students from the life science community to promote the visions and activities of Synapse. The only requisite is that you are a life science student enrolled at any university but Copenhagen, Lund or Aalborg and want to make an impact in the life science community.

In return you will attend as a Synapse Member in our flagship events ‘Copenhagen Life Science Summit’, ‘Synapse Biobusiness Summer School’, ‘Career Fair’ as well as every other event you are interested in. You will furthermore be invited to internal Synapse events in order to get to mingle with our amazing core team members, Synapse alumnus and your fellow Synapse Ambassadors. Synapse offers the opportunity of establishing an international network of life science enthusiasts and friends. Synapse will cover transportation in most cases.

If you have any inquires, contact us at, or (Anne Grangaard).

If you want to be our new ambassador, send your CV and a one-page motivational letter explaining why you want to join us to


Synapse is looking for new, dedicated team members with a passion for helping life science students transition from graduate to professional, and connecting academia and industry. As a core team member, you will be part of planning and executing events, workshops, seminars and much more. In Synapse, you will get the chance to improve your skills in areas such as project management, event organization, and public speaking. Furthermore, you will get the chance to broaden your network as you will be in direct contact with life science professionals and working alongside a group of dedicated and passionate students.



The only requisites for applying are that you are currently a life science student (bachelor, master or PhD) enrolled at any university in the Copenhagen area and that you can attend our weekly Monday evening meetings.



Apply through the application form below.

As part of your motivational letter, you should answer the following questions:

  • Why do you want to be part of the Synapse team?
  • How can you contribute to Synapse?
  • Do you have suggestions for future events, projects or other initiatives?


If you have any questions regarding the recruiting process you can contact us at (Anne Grangaard)

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