The transition from being a student to a young aspiring professional can be daunting.

That is why we are launching the Synapse Mentorship Program 2018/2019! 


The Synapse Mentorship Program


The program runs from October 2018 - June 2019 where you and your assigned mentor will meet 4-6 times and work on several topics according to both of your schedules. Intertwined your meetings, Synapse will organize three events spaced out throughout the cycle.

If you join our program, you can tailor it to your needs. You can either focus on your personal development, or perhaps on your professional growth. Whatever you decide to work on, it will be together with a mentor with a life science background like yours. They will challenge your perspectives, guide your decisions and let you tap into their experience and knowledge in an informal and safe environment.


Mentorship Program Timeline

The matching process


You will apply the mentorship program with a short motivational letter answering the two questions found in the section “how to apply” and your CV.

Furthermore, you will have to choose a number of words that describe you and your interest within life science the best. We have already produced a list of words to choose from – which will be evident in the application form. As we only have a limited amount of mentors we will not be able to match all our applicants.

Remember that our Synapse Mentorship Program is not a way into the companies that our mentors represent.

For more information about each mentor go to the bottom of this site.


Who can apply 


You are eligible to enter the program if:

  • You are a 3rd-year Bachelor student or have at least 1 year left in your master’s program and you’re not going on exchange during the mentorship program.

  • You are enrolled in a life science program at either the University of Copenhagen or the Technical University of Denmark.

  • You are available for the kick-off event. Time and date to be announced.

How to apply


When applying we kindly ask for your CV (maximum 2 pages) and a motivational letter where you answer the following two questions (max. 300 words per question):

  1. What is your motivation to become a mentee in the Synapse Mentorship Program and what do you hope to gain from it?
  2. What are your current educational/career plans and how do you believe a mentor could help you achieve your specific goals?

In the application form you also need to pick 8 words that you find the most interesting. We will use these words to find the best match for you.



KMP+ House of Mentoring

…is a consulting house established in year 2000.

We design and deliver state-of-the-art mentoring programmes based on in-depth research and good practice for a variety of clients, and we remain committed to expanding our knowledge to ensure corporate development initiatives have optimal outcomes – for participants as well as organisations.

We provide concepts and tools that motivate employees to invest in their own learning and development and facilitate collaboration, networking and effective knowledge sharing across organisational and cultural boundaries. Together with the client, we ensure that development activities are relevant, meaningful to the individual, and clearly connected to strategic objectives, thus increasing the organisation’s ability to deliver results.

Benefits of working with KMP+ House of Mentoring

  •        One concept, one approach and one common language in the organisation for designing and implementing successful mentoring programmes
  •        State-of-the-art mentor and mentee training with innovative, engaging and solid tools that have proven their value globally
  •        Full awareness of pitfalls and success criteria for using mentoring for leadership and talent development in your organisation
  •        Increased effect and outcome of the mentoring programmes – minimised trial and error costs

KMP+ House of Mentoring supports the mentoring programme at Synapse

We facilitate an engaging and inspirational kick-off event using our innovative Mentor+Game to train mentors and mentees in the skills of modern mentoring. Using the Mentor+Game will enhance the learning experience of mentors and mentees and provide a common language and tools for their collaboration. &

Contact us at if you would like to book a meeting with a senior consultant to explore how mentoring could make a difference in your organisation.






Mentors of 2017/2018


Holti Kellezi
RA Professional in Digital Health Solutions at Novo Nordisk
Janine Erler
Full Professor at Biotech Research and Innovation Centre (BRIC), University of Copenhagen

Our Mentors work at