We continuously work on planning new, exciting events for the Synapse Network. This page shows our past events in the bottom as well as our upcoming events right below this piece of text.


Open events that you can register to as well as our tentative events we are working on at the moment. Please notice that information on the tentative events might change.

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Synapse & Novo Nordisk Presents

Regulatory Affairs - From Bench to Bedside, and Beyond

Join us for a journey through the R&D Value Chain of Novo Nordisk and explore the opportunities within the Novo Nordisk Graduate Program and the Regulatory Affairs organisation.

TIME 15th of November 2016, 17.00 - 20.00

PLACE Novo Nordisk in Søborg, Vandtårnsvej 108, 2860 Søborg
Meeting time: 16.45



This is a list of our past events


Synapse Connect UK 2016 17.04.16 - 23.04.16

During April ’16 40 of the top life science students were chosen to join Synapse – Life Science Connect for the first event outside DK. A lot of exciting company visits and talks later, the participants now have insight in what it takes to bring life science ideas to life as a commercialized product and they’ve obtained international experience in one of the world’s leading biotech clusters. The Synapse Team thanks everyone involved and can’t wait for next years SCUK!

Learn more about SCUK and what to expect at SCUK'17 here.


BCG Open Company
Presentation 03.12.15

Had you ever thought about taking a different career path? Those who showed up had indeed. A fully registered event where participants got a first-hand insight into the life of a consultant. Both BCG and Synapse were surprised to see such interest in the topic. Thank you for your participation.


Centered Leadership 19.11.15

At the 19th of November 2015, Synapse proudly co-hosted the event Centered Leadership, with McKinsey&Company. Talented participants made sure that both members from Synapse and McKinsey had a good time. By showing the intrigued students and young professionals what leadership is and can be, they are now one step closer to accelerate the development of their leadership skills. Synapse thanks all of you for a great event.



BioBusiness Summer School 2015

This year's follow-up on 2014's successful BioBusiness Summer School. Five fantastic and educative days at the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences in CPH where participants got a taste of the business side of the life sciences. ...


Career Opportunities

The first event in 2015, 17th of February, laying out some of the different career possibilities that exist within the life science industry. Synapse team member, Marie Brøns Nørgaard (Project Coordinator, Lundbeck), gave a speak as well as Dr Efstathios Vassiliadis (Director at Genau & More), Søren Spanner Back (Patent Attorney, Høiberg) and Jonas Skjødt Møller (Marketing Manager, Novozymes).

The event was sold out and only for members of The Synapse Network.

Kick off picture v2 stort

Kick Off 2016

On the 29th of September, Synapse will be hosting the annual Kick Off event to signal the start of the new academic year. This year the topic is 'From academia to life science' – how do you get into the industry and what are the possibilities as a student?

TIME 29th of September

PLACE Novo and Lundbeck hall at Pharma



Copenhagen Life Science Summit 2016 20.05.16

On May 20th Synapse – Life Science Connect invited over 250 students and young professionals to join the Copenhagen Life Science Summit ’16 in KU's Festsal. Eight prominent and visionary figures from the life science industry and the political scene elaborated on ”The Future of Life Science” and talked about opportunities outside of academic research. The day included exciting talks, happy faces, and the participants had the opportunity to connect with each other. All in all a successful day which marked yet another milestone for Synapse – Thank you!

You can catch up on the event by clicking here

Kick Off 2015 Cover

KICK-OFF 2015 05.10.15

A fully booked event and a whole lot of curious people met up at Lundbeck and Novo Nordisk-salen at the school of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Universitetsparken 2. The speakers were inspiring and the hour of networking-and-inspiration allowed participants and speakers to talk with each other as well as the Synapse team. A lot of inspiring notes came up on the walls for the four posts - thank you for that!


From a Recruiter’s Perspective 02.06.15

An event that enlightens a little on what a recruiter in the life science field is looking for when it's time for hiring.

We invited four individuals to share their knowledge and experience in talent attraction and recruitment within the biotech and healthcare sector:

Morten Arendrup (Akademikernes) talked about how to use LinkedIn and personality tests. Jette Wagtberm Sen (Symphogen), Anne Kofoed Gjeldsted (Coloplast) and Tine Wonsild (Coloplast) spoke about the "Perspectives of a biotech recruiter".


Introducing: The Synapse Network

An open house event for all students, PhD's and graduates within the Life Sciences. It was packed with information on Synapse, the Synapse Network and how you can benefit from them as a student via these elements

  • Career Opportunities: With our Key Industry Partners
  • Network: With ambitious and career oriented peers
  • Education: Develop vital life science, business and management skills



"Hang up your lab coats, gather your friends and join us for an evening of celebration, drinks and snacks for when we officially launch and kick-start Synapse - Life Science Connect"

Event celebrating the official launch of Synapse back in May 2014. Key speakers were Martin Bonde (Chairman of Dansk Biotek), Nils Brünner (Professor at KU) and Henning H. Dall (Director at Novo Nordisk).

Tickets were rapidly sold out and the event was a success, giving Synapse a great jump start into the market.


SUND Karrieredag 08.10.15

Thursday the 8th of October the KU Faculty of Health Sciences held SUND Karrieredag, where the Panum Institute was filled with businesses talking about their brand and interested students walking around to hear more. Synapse was there, and we met a whole lot of you - thank you for stopping by!

TIME 12.30 - 16.30

PLACE Vandrehallen, Panum



Clinical Trial Management 12.05.15

An event that was completely booked with a full waiting list. With Novo Nordisk as the location and partner for this event, members of The Synapse Network all wished to join and gain knowledge in Clinical Operations, Regulatory Affairs, Data Management and Medical Writing, from industry experts.


BioBusiness Summer School 2014

One of the first greater events pulled off by the team. The goal was to gather a fair amount of students in the Life Sciences field and deliver content such as the following

  • Marketing and Neurocreativity
  • Financial Evaluation and Forecasting
  • Intellectual Propery and Regulatory Analysis
  • Project Management and Strategy

which means participants would gain knowledge in the business models, characteristics of a life-science sector, skills in innovation and business administration as well as competencies in interdisciplinary teamwork and networking. All of this was taught through guest lecturers, workshops and a BioBusiness Case Project.

The long list of speakers were as follows:
Thomas Ritter (CBS) / Jens Vindahl Kringelum (PhD student and Entrepreneur) / Andrew Carlsen (Novo Nordisk) / Andreas Laustsen (PhD student and Entrepreneur) / Finn Valentin (Study Director, the BBIP Programme) / Dortea Engelund (TychoBio) / Martin Bonde (Dansk Biotek, Epitherapeutics) / Tina Nørgaard (Destin Pharma) / Marianne Johansen (Chas. Hude A/S) / Steffen Thirstrup (NDA Regulatory Advisory Board) / Stig Lykke Iversen (Coloplast) / Kautsar Anggakara (Creativity Consulent and Toolkit Designer)