Copenhagen Life Science Summit '19 Aftermovie

Recap of the fourth edition of our annual Copenhagen Life Science Summit

Synapse – Life Science Connect hosted the annual Copenhagen Life Science Summit ’19 on Thursday May 9th - a full-day conference bringing together students, recent graduates and professionals to listen to talks and participate in discussions relevant to life science. 2019 year’s summit took place at the prominent and historical Børsen (The Old Stock Exchange) in the centre of Copenhagen.

The summit had 3 sessions with each their own focus:

Session 1: Sustainability in Life Science In 2015 the United Nations set the 17 Sustainable Development Goals to provide shared guidance and a global partnership to work towards peace and prosperity. In the first session of CLSS’19, Synapse shed a light on how life science can contribute to achieve the goals and global sustainability.

Session 2: Creating an Innovative Environment for Students Medicon Valley is a true cluster of life science, with some of the world's leading companies. With globally recognized innovation in the area, it is important to have a strong environment where ideas are supported and are able to grow. To inspire innovation and collaboration, the second session featured industry and university leaders within innovation.

Session 3: Future Hopes: Startups Concluding the day, we had invited startups from different areas of life science to come and share their concept and science. A great opportunity to engage with the people behind and hear their inspiring stories that will inspire future entrepreneurs.

Copenhagen Life Science Summit is a unique opportunity for you to network and socialize with your peers and get in touch with some of our partner companies who will be present at the summit with stands.

How to do clinical trials with a cancer drug

An interview with Head of Clinical Opereations at Roche Denmark, Dorte Klokker who explains the purpose of clinical trials and elaborates on what a cancer drug undergoes a within the different steps of clinical trials

Studying life science may give you a vast knowledge about how a pharmaceutical drug is supposed to go through the different phases of clinical trials before it gets approved and can be used by patients. But you might be curious about what exactly happens within each phase of the clinical trials and what a big pharmaceutical company as Roche has to be aware of during the process. Synapse payed a visit to Roche Pharmaceuticals which is located in Hvidovre. Here we met with Dorte Klokker, Head of Clinical Operations at Roche Denmark. We asked her to share her insights and teach us more about the purpose and content of clinical trials.


Interview with Klaus Langhoff-Roos, Corporate Vice President of Oral Semaglutide at Novo Nordisk A/S

Studying Life-Science may give you a vast knowledge about how a pharmaceutical drug is developed in the lab, how it works in the body or how it is produced in a fermentation. But you might be curious about what happens after discovery and development because how do you actually get your drug all the way to the patients? In this video Synapse has asked Klaus Langhoff-Roos, Corporate Vice President of Oral Semaglutide at Novo Nordisk A/S, to share his insights and learn us about the topic of bringing a drug to the market. Klaus gives his insights into the close collaboration behind a launch, by using the newly approved Diabetes medicine (semaglutide, for the treatment of Type 2 Diabetes) as a case study.


Copenhagen Life Science Summit '17


Watch some of the great talks from this years summit, where 6 brilliant personalities from the life science industry gives their take on the current industry state and subjects such as innovation, stem cell research, bacterial synthetic biology, and the resulting opportunities and challenges. 

“It was a great pleasure to present at the Copenhagen Life Science Summit 2017. The interaction between students and the life science industry plays a key role in securing future talent for Danish Life Science”
Kåre Schultz, CEO, Lundbeck

”Bridging the gap between academia and industry is vital to the long term sustainability of the life science sector. I really enjoyed the opportunity to engage with participants and feel their enthusiasm for the life sciences”.
Robin Evers, SVP of Medical Affairs, Regulatory and Safety, Novo Nordisk

"Synapse is a highly motivated and ambitious student-driven organisation that plays an important role in the Medicon Valley biotech ecosystem.”
- Morten Sommer, Professor at DTU, Co-founder of Antibiotx, Microlytic and Biosyntia



BioBusiness Summer School '16

Synapse & Medicon Valley Alliance Panel Discussion

Synapse & Medicon Valley Alliance hosted a panel discussion with the topic: How do we pave the way for a new Novo – who must do what, when and how?
The panel discussion took place during the biobusiness summer school 2016. The panel comprised of Tommi Kainu from Boston Consulting Group, Kirsten Drejer from Symphogen and Anders Hinsby from Orphazyme and was moderated by David Zepernick from Medicon Valley Alliance.


Copenhagen Life Science Summit '16


Watch all the great talks from this years summit, where 8 brilliant personalities from the life science industry gives their take on 'The Future of Life Science'.

"The vibrant energy and enthusiasm amongst the smart group of scientists who constitutes Synapse is contagious and the Copenhagen Life Science Summit was very worthwhile attending – even for an ‘old veteran’ like me. Synapse’s passion for Science and understanding of the value of networking is key for future Life Science start-up companies." - Kirsten Drejer, PhD, Co-founder and CEO of Symphogen

”The potential in the life science marketspace is vast. However, to realize the full potential, you need high educated, high potential life science candidates. Synapse helped us make that connection in an interesting and intelligent way, and I can’t thank them enough” -  Sune Faurschou, TFS

“Synapse is a highly professional and passion driven student organization. They are doing an excellent job at connecting life scientist and bridging industry and academia. The Synapse CPH Life Science Summit 2016 was an extremely exciting and inspiring event. I hope to join next year!” - Andreas Laustsen, Denmark's Coolest Engineer


BioBusiness Summer School '15

Synapse - Life Science Connect, The Organisation

During the BioBusiness Summer School August 2015 our video man captured the best moments of the week as well as a small interview with some of the speakers!