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Synapse – Life Science Connect (“Synapse”) is a non-profit student-driven organisation for life science students.

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At Synapse, innovation meets opportunity everyday.

Synapse – Life Science Connect (“Synapse”) is a non-profit student-driven organisation for life science students. We expose students to opportunities and support them in making informed career decisions by bringing life science peers together. Synapse has a presence in the Nordic life science ecosystems that seeks to inspire, develop and connect students through workshops, events and digital platforms.

We inspire participants through knowledge lecturers, career fairs, and meet and greet events. We develop participants through workshops, competitions, and mentoring opportunities. By providing a platform for people tomeet over mutual interests, we connect the future of life science.

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The different hubs of Synapse use different methods of recruitment. Some will only recruit twice a year whereas other are always looking for new, dedicated team members with a passion for helping life science students transition from graduate to professional and connecting academia and industry. The hubs with ongoing recruitment are shown below here and if a hub is only recruiting twice a year keep a lookout for our frontpage or social media for when to apply.

As a core team member, you will be part of planning and executing events, workshops, seminars and much more. In Synapse, you will get the chance to improve your skills in areas such as project management, event organization, and public speaking. Furthermore, you will get the chance to broaden your network as you will be in direct contact with life science professionals and working alongside a group of dedicated and passionate students.

Find hubs that are currently actively recruiting on the home page.

Hubs with ongoing recruitment


The organization of Synapse

Synapse founding mothers and fathers had the initial thougths more than a decade ago. Synapse is built upon the vision of bringing life science peers together to bridge the gap between industry and academia.

Since the founding of Synapse in Copenhagen in 2014, we are now a nationwide organisation with activities in all major university cities: Copenhagen, Aarhus, Aalborg, and Odense. We are now putting efforts into creating a new website reflecting our nationwide presence (hubs), activities, and teams. In addition, we have also launched a Swedish branch and have plans to open more branches in other countries in the future.

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Station - A Student Innovation House
Howitzvej 30, 2000 Frederiksberg, Denmark

If you wish to contact a Synapse located in your university city, please check below. Individual Synapse team members can be found at our Team information page with individual e-mails.

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Howitzvej 30
9000, Aalborg


Universitetsbyen 14
8000, Aarhus


Howitzvej 30
2000, Frederiksberg


Ekologihuset, Sölvegatan 37
223 62 Lund


Gadenavn 12
5000, Odense


A Working Lab/Innomedicum Nanna Svartz väg 4
171 65, Solna