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A Fast-track to your Next Job - A CV and LinkedIn Workshop

Universitetsbyen 81, Aarhus

October 6, 2022



Universitetsbyen 81, Aarhus


October 6, 2022

6 Oct



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Synapse - Life Science Connect Aarhus is hosting a workshop “A fast-track to your next job - A CV and LinkedIn Workshop’ on the 6th of October 2022!

A good CV and an eye-catching LinkedIn profile have now become two essential aspects of landing a job within the life science industry

Your CV is your professional business card - it contains all of the relevant details about you, and it is the recruiters' most important means to make a quick scan of you and your talents in the recruitment process

LinkedIn is a valuable tool for professional networking and job search - in fact, Statistic Brain Research Institute found that 72% of the recruiters out there use LinkedIn as a source to recruit talented employees

During the workshop, experts from IDA will give you insight into the art of writing a proper CV, while also providing you with tips on how to utilize LinkedIn as a platform on your journey from being a student to becoming a professional, either in academia or industry. Whether you are looking for a student position or a full-time job, a good CV and LinkedIn can help you achieve your goals if you know how to use them

Furthermore, time will be set aside for you to create or improve your own CV and LinkedIn profile based on the provided information while enjoying free pizza!

Participation is free and registration is now open!

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