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Flagship Program

Life Science at AAU

Fredrik Bajers Vej 7H, 9220 Aalborg

December 9, 2022



Fredrik Bajers Vej 7H, 9220 Aalborg


December 9, 2022

9 Dec



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Are you interested in hearing from professionals working in highly relevant life science fields? Or do you simply need inspiration for your future career? Fear not - we’ve got you covered!

We are inviting professionals with various backgrounds to present their work and share with us what their career paths look like, and how they got to where they are today. From inventing cancer vaccines, to the characterisation of the human gut microbiome, and all the way to machine learning algorithms - you will hear about all of those!

Join us for this free event at Fredrik Bajers Vej 7H, 9220 Aalborg the 9th of November, and let it inspire your future career!

This event is a free opportunity for students and young graduates from Aalborg University to gain new insights into career options and expand their network.

The program for the evening is as follows:
16:30-16:40 Synapse Welcome
16:40-16:55 Jeppe Lund Nielsen
16:55-17:10 Casper Steinmann
17.10-17.25 Coffee Break
17:25-17:40 Natasja Bruun
17:40-17:55 Anders Olsen
17:55- end Discussion, Q&A
Rest of the night: Networking

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